Woman Saves Hurt Opossum On Side Of Tollway

Many people like to say that they are compassionate and care about animals, but Paige Jones goes above and beyond what we consider as caring. Just before 9:00 a.m. July 23rd on the Westpark Tollway in Houston, Texas, Paige spotted something peculiar on the side of the road and knew she had to act.
An opossum had been struck by a car and injured, left to die on the side of the tollway. Paige was driving to work when she pulled over. According to the video below, she said that the opossum "lifted its head up and it looked at the car," and at that point she knew she had to help. She continued to comfort the animal until the police arrived. The police helped her bring the animal to the hospital, but unfortunately it was too late for the opossum, which died upon arrival.
Resources USA TODAY
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