Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs shares a morning in the life of their hens (video)

Poultry farmers around the world can probably stand to learn a thing or two from how the folks at Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs in New Zealand raise their chickens.
If you're unfamiliar with the history of poultry farming in America, it's definitely worth watching the video below.  Factory farming has been the norm in America for a long time, and the poultry industry is one of the worst offenders. The practice is not only brutal for the chickens, but it also creates a bird that isn't as healthy to eat as it could be.  
Compare the image you have of factory farming to what you see in the video below, from Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs in New Zealand. According to their site, "Our family farm is situated in the beautiful Otaika Valley near Whangarei, New Zealand. Our happy hens enjoy an idyllic life — roaming free on grassy pastures and basking in the northland sunshine."
Judging from the video below, these New Zealand chickens have it better than most people I know.  
Warning: The following video contains images that may be disturbing to some
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