Horses of Equinisity take some time to relax

Horses are beautiful, majestic creatures. But everyone has to let loose sometime — literally. In the video below, filmed and uploaded by YouTuber Liz Mitten Ryan, a happy group of horses lies down for some gas-filled relaxation. The video has gone viral since its August 2014 posting, garnering over 3.9 million views, most likely due to the unexpected comedy in the scene.
According to the video's description, the horses live in Equinisity Retreats, a 320-acre plot of "sacred land" in Kamloops, British Columbia, where animals are "free roaming" and human visitors can book "transformational journeys" to experience horse therapy, an original form of relaxation that involves cuddling and being in close proximity with friendly horses. Hopefully, the therapy doesn't involve breaking wind quite as often as in this video.
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