Marine photographer captures the incredible spectacle of jack fish courtship

Even if you haven't watched the movie by now, you've no doubt heard of the hilariously popular TV movie franchise, "Sharknado." In it, an actual tornado of sharks lays waste to Los Angeles. Naturally, this isn't something that would realistically happen, but it's what you'd be tempted to think of when seeing the underwater tornado in this picture, which went viral a few years ago. 
"David and Goliath" is the famous snapshot taken by Octavio Aburto, marine biologist, capturing a friend faced with a massive swarm of jack fish, a sizable species of tuna. The video below shows a more detailed view of the phenomenon, which Aburto explains as an aggregation caused by courtship behavior, that became a slowly spinning fish tornado. 
Aburto wishes for this photo to open people's eyes not only to the beauty of natural animal behavior, but also to their increasing rarity, he tells National Geographic. Overfishing could one day lead to these animals being put at risk — and the more aggregations like this one are torn apart by fishing, the more likely they'll be to stop occurring altogether.
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