Arctic wolves howling a beautiful song

Three beautiful white Arctic wolves howl in harmony, in what appears to be a response to other unseen wolves, howling in the woods at Wolfspark Werner Freund, a research park in Merzig, Germany. Gunther Kopp, a nature photographer, captured the footage, in the video below.
The sanctuary was a pet project of Werner Freund, who has since passed away. Freund wanted to teach others not to fear wolves and often spent time walking among the animals wearing a smock soaked in animal fat and blood. The wolves came to recognize him and accepted him as one of their own, according to the Telegraph. 
Freund opened the sanctuary to help protect wolves. He worked closely with the animals, going so far as dressing their food up as sheep to allow the wolves to really tear into their dinner, according to the Telegraph.  
Freund believed that humans fear wolves unnecessarily. 
"Fairy tales, that's what gave them a bad name. Red Riding Hood and all that. These are beautiful animals and the person who says they shouldn't be in the wild might as well not care about what happens to the elephant on the plains of Africa. We are all enriched by their presence, by the simple fact that they are among us," Freund told the Telegraph. 
The Arctic Wolves featured in the video are closely related to the grey wolf and typically live in colder areas around North America and Greenland, according to WWF. 
Wolves howl primarily to communicate, whether that means gathering up the pack after a hunt, locating other pack members over long distances, warning other packs they are in the area or just to chat, according to the Toronto Zoo.
Friend or foe, these wolves haunting howls provide an eerily beautiful backdrop to the public sanctuary. 
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