This Horse Proves Kiddie Pools Aren’t Just for Kids

Who says you need kids to have a kiddie pool? After all, kiddie pools clearly make great equine entertainment, according to this horse. 
The horse in this video thinks the kiddie pool is a great place to be, whether it's to paw in it or roll in it. He seems ever so pleased to splash water absolutely everywhere with his enthusiastic pawing. The brave horse also climbs inside and even rolls in the water, which is sure to feel good on a hot summer day. 
Some horses are naturally drawn to water fixtures in their paddocks. Water-loving horses purposefully churn up mud, climb into their water tubs, and even play in ponds or rivers that run through the pasture. While they're often muddy messes afterwards, mud can help to prevent sunburn and fly bites, making a fascination with water a positive behavior for horses. 
According to, rolling in water is a natural behavior a horse exhibits to groom and cool himself. Horses often paw water before they roll, because pawing allows the horse to test the water's depth and to feel around for areas which may be dangerous. And while you might not mind that your horse rolls in water when he's out in his pasture, it's important to keep him from ever rolling while you're in the saddle. If your horse starts to paw at a water crossing, immediately make him start moving forward again in order to prevent him from rolling. 
Think giving your horse a kiddie pool in his pasture is a great idea? There can be some hazards involved. Hard plastic kiddie pools may crack and break under your horse's weight, and he could potentially cut himself on the plastic pieces. While a blow-up pool like the one in the video looks more horse-friendly, the bottom of the pool can be slick, and your horse could potentially pop the pool. Instead of using a pool, hose your horse off with water on the hot days and provide him with shaded areas so that he can stay cool and comfortable. 
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