Surfer Saves Drowning Deer

Tyler Balak was catching some waves on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina earlier this month when something in the water caught his eye. According to the, Balak, a Virginia Beach native, initially thought he was looking at driftwood, or maybe even a dog, while others on the shore feared it might be a shark. After watching the mysterious object bob up and down for several minutes, Tyler finally got a good look at it.
Floating in the waves, trying to keep its head above the water, was a small deer. It was clear to Tyler that the fawn was in danger, and he didn't want to see the poor thing drown, so he headed its way. Balak was able to get a grip on the deer and bring it to shore, where his friend Audry Jones wrapped the deer in a towel. They awaited help from the National Park Service, but no help showed. So, the group of friends made their way to Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation and handed the deer off. President Lou Browning said the fawn would be just fine.
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