Man gets to cheerfully play with two lions at the zoo 

Every day millions of people visit zoos around the world. But, very few get a chance to play with the lions! The man in the video embraces his animal instincts, drops to all fours and soon has two young lions playing with him (from the safety of their enclosure, of course). The lions aren't the only ones enjoying the entertainment, the audience gets a good laugh as well. 
As you can see in the beginning of the video, the lions are a little slow to respond, but when they do, they really respond. This is usual behavior according to The Smithsonian Channel. When cubs first see a new toy, "their reaction to it is often times very slow," a caretaker at the Smithsonian National Zoo said. 
According to the University of Minnesota, how often a lion cub plays is actually an indicator of how healthy they are. If a lion cub isn't getting enough to eat, they won't play. If this video is any proof, these lions seem to be doing just fine! 
Fortunately, this man took advantage of the safety glass, it's safe to say this may have had an entirely different ending if this happened in the wild. 
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