Man runs for his life after hawk drops terrifying surprise on picnic

A video of a hawk throwing a snake at unsuspecting picnic goers isn't something the Internet can easily ignore. The video surfaced after YouTube user Douglas Wong posted the clip indicating the snake drop happened to his uncle. However, it wasn't long before criticism and suspicion about the video's authenticity began to surface.
According to the Huffington Post, YouTube user William Joseph had a few things to point out. He said, "Here's a protip for you mate, if you are going to fake a video of a bird of prey, make sure to edit out the seagull sitting on the footpath, 100% that seagull would not be there if that hawk was flying around, 0 out of 10, if this was for a school project you should get a F-".
However, there were other things that people noticed as well such as the change in the size of the snake and the lack of reflection of the bird on the water. While Wong insisted it was real footage, in the end, the truth came out.
Huffington Post reports that the Hawthorn AFL Club joined forces with The Woolshed to manufacture the video to draw attention to their 2016 finals campaign. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that nobody really had a snake thrown at them while trying to enjoy a family outing!
While the clip is a fake, it's still a fun watch. Be sure to check it out!
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