'Be Free' beautifully captures the amazing horse-human connection

There's something about mounting up on a horse and taking off for a ride that is incredibly freeing. When you're riding a horse, you're strong, fast, and elegant. You can go just about anywhere, and you can do it at a gallop. Your everyday worries fade away into the dust behind you. It's magical.
This music video for the song "Be Free" seeks to capture some of that magic. Beautiful slow-motion, detailed shots bring the world of horses to life. Even if you've never ridden before, you can't help but be swept up into the bond between this young woman and her horse. It's beautiful.
It's been said that a canter is a cure for every evil, and many riders refer to horseback riding as being their therapy. And they're right - horses positively change lives every day. Whether you're enjoying the physical activity of riding or find some mental solace on the back of your horse, horses can help to keep you healthier, both mentally and physically.
But horses helping humans goes beyond that. Horses regularly provide humans with therapeutic benefits through therapeutic riding. According to PATH International, individuals with special needs can experience cognitive, social, physical, and emotional benefits from participating in therapeutic riding. During therapeutic riding, individuals participate in horseback riding. They ride calm, trustworthy horses and sometimes use tack which is modified to accommodate their physical needs.
Horses can also help humans through equine assisted therapy. According to Eagala, horses can provide equine assisted therapy in any number of ways. Horses help to facilitate learning and self-discovery through their honest reactions and body language. Because horses are herd animals, they are masters of communication, and this can be used to help patients discover truths about themselves. Equine assisted therapy is offered in supervised settings, and an instructor or therapist is involved in the process. Sometimes participants don't even ride; working with the horse on the ground is therapy enough.
These are just a few ways that horses make a difference in our lives. How has a horse affected your life?
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