Kaley Cuoco is interviewed by her horse, Thor

If horses could talk, what do you think they would ask us? In this fun interview, Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory, answers some questions...asked by her horse, Thor. She dubs her horse the 'Sexiest Horse Alive' - after all, who wouldn't? - and talks about her room decor, potential mane styles, and more.
But Cuoco isn't just an occasional rider. She's a serious show jumping competitor and serves as a very public ambassador for riding. She has multiple horses, sports amazing equitation, and even began dating Grand Prix rider Karl Cook in early 2016, according to Horse Nation.
Although Cuoco may seem to have it all - a killer acting job and top-quality horses that we all drool over - her riding career hasn't always gone smoothly. In fact, Cuoco, who has been riding since she was just 15 years old, suffered a major riding accident in 2010. According to Daily Mail, Cuoco fell off during a lesson and was trampled in the process.
Cuoco broke her ankle in the fall, and infection became an issue. A hospital doctor brought up that amputation might be necessary, but after two weeks in the hospital and multiple surgeries, doctors were able to save Cuoco's foot.
But show jumping is where Cuoco's passion lies, so it wasn't long before she was back in the saddle again. Today Cuoco frequents the horse show scene, and she's developing her horses to be top competitors - that is, when she's not filming one of the hottest shows on television.
Like many riders, Cuoco's perseverance and love of riding has carried her forward even after a serious fall and injury. Riders are resilient and super talented in controlling their fear and emotions. It's just a testament to how amazing - and addicting - the spot of horseback riding can be.
Watch the fun video below of Kaley with her horse, Thor.
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