Woman hadn't seen horse in 2 days, but he comes galloping after hearing this sound

When this video begins, the gray horse is just a speck, way off across the field. But when his owner summons him with her familiar whistle, he's more than happy to come trotting up for a greeting and some scratches, of course.
Is there anything more magical than being able to summon a horse with a simple whistle? It's a feat that is earned through trust, a quality relationship with your horse and time. It can also save you a whole lot of walking, especially when your horse is turned out in a large pasture.
If you really want your horse to learn to come when you whistle, then consider this training advice from Equusite. First, you must be able to catch your horse in the pasture without his walking away from you. The horse has to learn to trust and welcome your presence. Start by walking toward your horse in the pasture. Watch his body language carefully. If his body tenses up, stop immediately and move away from your horse before he can move away from you. Repeat this process until you are able to approach your horse without him being at all uncomfortable.
This process can take some time, but with repetition, you'll be able to walk right up to your horse and catch him in the pasture. Next, you'll be ready to teach him to come when called.
To teach your horse to come at your call, decide on a particular call that you will use. This can be a word, a whistle or some other noise that your horse will recognize, but you must use the same noise every time you call your horse.
Start by calling your horse, then walk up to him, put on his halter and give him a treat. Repeat the process again and again, but gradually start to pause before you walk up to your horse. Your horse will learn to associate the call with a potential reward, and with time he will learn to come to you when you call.
Resources Mckin Dia and Equusite
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