Family of deer are hanging out in backyard when an unexpected friend decides to join in on the action

You need to see the video below if you want to get a laugh out of your day! A family of deer is peacefully grazing in a backyard near the trampoline (as if that wasn't exciting enough). Unexpectedly, they are joined by a friend who pops out from the bushes.
At first, mama deer is alarmed. Seems like it came out of nowhere! She communicates with her tail, telling her little ones to stay behind mama while she checks this intruder out.
Who is this intruder?
It turns out it's an otter!
The otter—who should be nocturnal in the spring—joins the deer for a game of catch-as-catch-can in broad daylight on the new spring grass, running around them and lunging at mama deer. See the picture below for proof:
Mama seems surprised, but not overly wary, as she quits signaling with her tail for her babies to stay back. Nevertheless, she isn't letting that otter get too close. After all, shouldn't he be asleep in his den right now?
Don't forget to watch the clip below to see all this live.
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