Bear sees water coming out of sprinkler, completely ready to show the Internet his wild antics

Grizzly bears have a reputation for being big and fearsome, but it turns out they have a fun-loving, relaxing side as well!
Meet Bruno, a grizzly bear who has won the hearts of Internet viewers everywhere by displaying his genuine enjoyment of water, specifically the water coming from a sprinkler.
Bruno is one of many animals that reside at Triple D Ranch and Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana. Triple D Ranch raises and trains these animals for educational, photographic, and cinematographic purposes.
This goofy, lovable grizzly bear is a ranch favorite and notorious for his love of water and for hamming it up for the camera.
Rest assured, Bruno and his wildlife friends may be trained animals, but they are deeply loved and cared for, with conservation and science foremost in the animals' care and preservation.
In the Four Corners Free Press, Heather Keeper, Bruno's professional trainer, explains that "We listen and acknowledge [the animals]" while giving photography tours. "If they want to leave they get to leave. It is all positive reinforcement, and absolutely no negativity in behavior or voice is ever used to build a relationship with the animals.” Living at the ranch means Bruno gets to be the best thing a bear can be: a bear!
In the video below, Bruno shows just how much he enjoys the water. Watch as he stands on his hind legs to get his head and ears wet before pausing to take a long sip of fresh water. Then he dances, rolls, and runs through the cooling spray.
On their Facebook page, the ranch shares how much Bruno loves the sprinkler: "He gets mad & pouts when the stream [of water] isn't strong. He's kind of a diva."
Check out the slo-mo video of Bruno drinking from the sprinkler and share this beautiful bear's antics with your friends and family on Facebook!
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