12 pairs of animals that totally can be siblings

We're used to sharing traits with our siblings, like hair color and type, face shape, or very unfortunate noses. But do you ever run across someone unrelated to you that looks eerily like you? That's kind of what these animals are like.
Despite being completely different species, these animals look almost identical! They have the same markings, colors, and sometimes expressions - and some can make you forget for a second that they're completely different animals!
Enjoy this awesome collection of could-be-siblings:
1. Big brother and little brother
2. Two big balls of fluff
3. Mirror image
4. It's a spotted winter wonderland!
5. Spotted pigs and pups
6. They look so surprised to discover that they aren't related!
7. Calico cuties
8. Does this remind you of a certain Disney movie?
9. Wrinkle buddies
10. This kitten is weird, but I'll protect him!
11. Happy brown and white buddies
12. They look like they accidentally stepped in some black paint and tried to shake it off!
Wow - we can't believe how similar these animals look! Nature is pretty amazing. Share this cool collection with your family and friends who will appreciate it!
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