Frightened bear has bucket stuck on its head. Watch its incredible rescue

Yogi the Bear got himself in a lot of trouble in his cartoon series, but never like this bear has! This young black bear has somehow managed to get his head stuck in a bucket, and he is frightened and in a real dilemma.
Most people know not to mess with wild bears—especially those who live near where bears reside. But what do you do when you see this kind of situation? This group of people decide to help him out of his problematic circumstances… but how are they to do it?
The first problem is to catch the bear and assess the difficulty he’s in. How bad is the bucket stuck on his head? Can they pull it off?
But catching the bear isn’t as easy as it seems, and the bear, despite not being able to see, has an uncanny ability to escape the efforts of one man.
Venturing out onto the road, a passing car gets a front row seat to this impromptu circus as the would-be rescuer tries repeatedly to capture the bruin.
Eventually, the bear escapes into the woods, and the man who would help him decides he, too, needs help. So some friends step in.
They say many hands make light work, but whoever “they” are never tried to wrestle a 300 pound bear in the mud! Finally, they get him down and one man lies on top of him to keep him immobile while they figure out what to do.
A saw comes into play when they realize that the opening to the bucket is too tight to allow the bear to back out the way he obviously came in. But sawing the bucket must be terrifying to the poor bear as he lies helplessly in the mud.
Almost through, and the team switches to a pair of pliers to break through the final piece. And then, finally…
He’s free! Everyone scrambles to be out of the bear’s way, but he has no intentions of hanging around to discuss the episode he’s just been through. Off into the woods he runs, to the cheers of the team of friends who rescued him.
Watching this video, I found myself all tensed up by the end. What do you suppose the bear was trying to get at in the bucket? And what must he have been saying to himself when he found out he was stuck? Show this one to your friends and see what they think about this special, wild-life rodeo!
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