Mountain lion was chained up for over 20 years, finally is getting freed

It can sometimes be hard to understand, but animals are frequently held hostage and not treated well just for people to look at them, and for their owners to make money. Sometimes the owners are extremely cruel, not feeding them enough, making them work too much, and teaching them tricks that aren't in their nature.
This story is of one of these animals - fortunately, it has a happy ending! This big guy's name is Mufasa, and he was chained up in the back of a pickup truck in order to take him from village to village in a traveling circus. It starts off sad, but we promise it gets better.
He had been chained up for 20 years. Though according to Four Paws, wild animals were banned for use in circuses in 2011, this circus stayed off the grid and on the run, evading police and other authorities. Until now.
They ambushed the circus and were able to capture Mufasa (and the other illegally held animals). They loaded him up to take him to his true home: the Peruvian Rainforest, where mountain lions live naturally.
Because he had been chained up his whole life, he couldn't fend for himself in the true forest. But Animal Defenders International had a solution: they fenced off a large area of the forest so that he could live in his natural habitat but still receive the care he needed. He was finally as free as he could be.
Sadly, due to old age and the problems that come with it, Mufasa has since passed away. However, we're happy that he got to enjoy the end of his life as a free lion, the way it should be.
Don't forget to watch the video below for the reveal, and to see Mufasa take his first free steps. Pure magic! And share this with your friends and family.
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