A simple heating pad offers sanctuary for hummingbirds in frost season

Pat Izzo and his friend were able to capture a heartwarming sight one cold winter morning, when a pair of hummingbirds were found gathered around the bird feeder Izzo had installed. Because of the "bitter cold" February weather, the bird feeder was installed on a heating pad. In the video below, Izzo recalls his "heart sang" as he noticed the two birds not only enjoying the feeder, but also the heating pad itself, using it as a way to warm up on the cold winter morning.
Izzo correctly identified the critters below as Anna's hummingbirds due to the glittering, rose-red, scale-like feathers on the male's head and throat. All About Birds defines these as the most common species of hummingbirds in the Pacific coastal area, and reports they do not migrate much, which can help explain their presence in wintry Sedona, Ariz., in the middle of February. No matter the reason, the birds looked overjoyed to have access to both nutrition and heat. The pictures Izzo compiled in the video below are just adorable, and show a remarkably rare closeness between a human being and a bird!
Watch the video below to see more, and make sure to share the story with your friends.

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