Weibke Haas captures the power and beauty of horses

Horses are amazing creatures. Between their raw strength, their friendly, approachable demeanor, and their convenience in everyday tasks, they could probably be considered a close second to dogs as far as man's best friend is concerned. Something that is often a talking point about horses is how beautiful and majestic they are in all things. No matter what they're doing, they almost always seem to pull off this aura of confidence and nobility.
German-based photographer Weibke Haas wished to combine her creativity and love of animals in the same medium, as she says on her website, which has led her to become a very talented horse photographer. Here are some of the impressive pictures she's taken in her career so far.

Take-Off by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

This specimen exudes power in every way. Even its gaze is intimidating as it puts its rippling muscles on display.

Desert Prince by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

The Egyptian pyramid in the background of this striking still paints a picture about this horse's story. You can almost imagine it as a pharaoh's companion in another lifetime.

Porcelain by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

Mid-jump stills are always very visually impressive. Similar to the first one in this gallery, the weathered yet strong quality of this horse is a sight to behold.

First Day Of Spring by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

Seeing horses captured in the wilderness, as opposed to a farm or studio shoot, always adds that extra zest. The way the water splashes around the horses here is just as beautiful as the specimens themselves.

Mozart II by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

This one looks like it'd fit right in with famous actresses in a commercial for conditioner. There's almost a bit of a wise-cracking smile on its features.

Winter Dance by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

These sibling horses are as beautiful as they are mysterious. Between their spotted coats and their blonde tails, they look more like ethereal apparitions than real animal beings.

Strength by Wiebke Haas on 500px.com

Haas's photography captures horses not in a poised, prepared manner, but in more of a spontaneous way. She finds ordinary moments in these animals' lives and embellishes them while never taking away from the creature's natural beauty.
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