Family catches moose shedding an antler on film

One family caught a rare shot of a moose shedding one of his antlers just outside their cabin. The docile moose, seen grazing in a snowy field in the video below, shakes his head and, oops, there it goes onto the white stuff covering the ground.  
The family caught this video just outside of Laramie, Wyo., in November of 2015. 'The moose shook his head and his paddle fell off right in front of us. It was amazing," Kim Eberhart told National Geographic. 
While one voice can be heard in the video saying, "He's in pain, he's crying. Poor guy," the process of shedding the antlers is usually painless, according to National Geographic. 
Male moose lose their antlers at the end of every mating season. Despite popular portrayals of moose fighting over a dame in documentaries (which does happen), moose most often use their antlers as a tool of intimidation, according to All About Moose. 
Younger moose typically keep their antlers longer into the winter (through March), while older moose start losing their antlers around December, according to All About Moose. This moose appears to be younger, which makes this shedding of this antler a bit unusual but not concerning, according to National Geographic. 
While losing an antler is normal, catching it on camera is not! This lucky family witnessed something very few people get to experience, and recorded the whole thing to share with curious viewers.