Photographer Chris McLennan's 'Car-L' gets up close and personal with wild lions

Though it may be small, this remote-controlled camera can withstand quite a lot, including an encounter with a pride of inquisitive lions. Photographer Chris McLennan's "Car-L" allows us to observe lions in Botswana from a whole new perspective — and may even change the way we approach conservation.
As early as 1926, scientists have employed the use of camera traps to observe animals in the wild without the threat of being attacked. Camera traps' shutters are generally heat- or motion-activated, only going off when an animal is within its range. 
In the video below, the "Car-L" — a Nikon D800E mounted on a rolling apparatus engineered by Carl Hansen and remotely operated by McLennan — demonstrates a more hands-on approach to gathering information. While not as unobtrusive as camera traps, this nifty little device produces close-up looks at the cats that wouldn't be feasible otherwise. You can find more amazing shots of these regal big cats on Chris Mclennan's website.
To see the stunning footage "Car-L" records during its session with the curious lions — as well as to learn more about McLennan's work — be sure to check out the video below. Don't forget to share with other big cat fanatics!

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