Watch the "Lion Whisperer" interacting with a majestic lioness mom and her cubs

While lionesses are known to ferociously protect their cubs, "lion whisperer" Kevin Richardson shatters all preconceived notions about this wild species and gets an up-close-and-personal at this majestic mama's newborn babies. Watch as he demonstrates his relationship with the lioness, first greeting her, then getting closer to the cubs until he's able to actually interact with them.
Richardson explains that a pregnant lioness must be separated from the pride in order to take care of her cubs in quiet. However, when the baby lions reach eight weeks of age, they're strong enough to handle the big lions and will rejoin the pride.
According to his website, Kevin Richardson is a "self-taught animal behaviorist [who] has broken every safety rule known to man when working with these wild animals." He has closely encountered lions, lionesses, and hyenas, getting to know these animals on deeply personal levels and paying close attention to their different personalities. Given how few humans are able to approach such dangerous animals, it goes without saying that Richardson's work is truly gripping to watch.
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