Baby elephant scares himself with his own adorable sneeze

Going on a safari-type expedition must be a very rewarding adventure for a person to experience. Being able to witness the majestic wildlife in their natural habitat is an unforgettable sight to behold, as well as a priceless learning experience. Not everything you learn and see during a Safari needs to be of a transcendental nature, though. You also experience little moments of levity that teach you something like that elephants do sneeze. 
This is exactly what happened to the tourists that recorded this adorable video. They were commenting on the sheer cuteness of this baby elephant when, as if it heard its name mentioned, he stopped in his tracks and turned toward his adoring fans. This peaceful moment between man and beast lasted only a few fleeting seconds. It was then that this infant elephant shocked himself with a hearty sneeze from his prepubescent trunk.
How is it possible that elephants sneeze, you may be wondering. Turns out that, as National Geographic explains, it's just a normal sneeze. "It can be very loud, as you might imagine, and is usually accompanied by a significant spray also. It is normal, but just elephant-sized," John Lenhardt, of the Florida elephant sanctuary National Elephant Center told them. After all, an elephant's trunk is just a nose, a very big one indeed, but still a nose. 

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