German horse trainer Stefanie Stöcker demonstrates an amazing bond with her horses

Dr. Stefanie Stöcker, a German equine expert and trainer, has an astounding relationship with her two horses. As she explains on the description of her YouTube video below, one of them, Bjorn, is an Icelandic horse and was born in 1993. The other, Menor GPZ, is an Aegidienberger Stallion born in 2008. Stöcker raised both of them with the same five principles in mind: motivation, trust, respect, communication and body language, the principles that, on her website, she says are the pillars of horse education. She believes that mutual trust is what creates the strong bond between herself and her horses. 
While Dr. Stöcker's bond with her horses is clearly something special, it is no surprise that these gentle giants felt connected to their caretaker. According to National Geographic, humans have been domesticating horses for around 4,000 years. Asian nomads were most likely the first people to do so. Horses became an integral part of many human societies, especially before the engine was invented as they were used for transportation. Because horses have long been associated with heroic acts in war, many cultures still honor these amazing animals. 
Even though horses and humans have coexisted and enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships for thousands of years, there are very few that have such an intimately trusting relationship as Dr. Stöcker and Bjorn and Menor GPZ. The fact that this equine expert can cuddle these huge creatures like babies is simply astounding. 

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