Man spots two tiny bear cubs on the road, but you need to watch what they do next

Some people embark on bear-viewing trips to witness the incredible animals up close, and some just stumble upon them in moments that are either terrifying or completely magical. Jeff Molyneaux luckily experienced the latter in the summer of 2011, when a drive home from a hike in Hetch Hetchy Valley, Calif., led to an incredible find in the middle of the road.
Molyneaux started filming when he realized just what he was facing, and the video has had millions of views since it was uploaded.
Under the semi-watchful eye of a fierce-looking mama bear, two tiny cubs were innocently playing in the middle of the road.
Seemingly unaware of the vehicles that were stopped around them, the two young animals continued to roll around and amicably shove each other back and forth without a care.
They even stood up to fight and show who's boss.
Soon, the two cubs both round off to the right. What are they up to?
It turns out Mama bear called! It's time to go home!
The National Park Service recommends keeping a careful distance around bears, around 50 yards if possible. This definitely stands for both adult bears and younger ones.
All warnings aside, watch the adorable video below for your daily dose of cuteness and make sure to share it with your friends if you enjoyed it!

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