Dressage performance captures the marvelous bond of trust between horse and trainer

Some horses are known for their remarkable dressage abilities. But this video of Esmeralda and her trainer, Will Rogers shows just how remarkable a performance can be when there is complete trust between two performers.
Horses can be skiddish animals by nature. Especially when foreign objects near their body. However, in this act, the horse remains completely calm as tarps are pulled behind her. However, the truly amazing thing is when the tarps cover the animal completely, and her composure remains completely calm! The entire act indicates the ability of Rogers to lead his horse and the horses complete trust in him.
According to Equiworld, the process for training a horse in dressage is a complex process in itself. The horse not only has to learn various movements with grace and beauty, but must do so with the weight of a rider on its back. In short, the performance is judged based on pace, impulsion, and the rider's ability to effectively lead the horse. We certainly expect this performance to receive the highest of marks.
Check out the video below to see if they deserve a five-star rating.
Resources Equiworld

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