Sightseers look towards the water and get treated to a once-in-a-lifetime sight

A gigantic finback whale gave Canadian sightseers their money's worth after surprising them with an up close, and personal encounter. According to ABC 10, Eric Mouellic captured the video while on a whale watching tour on the St. Lawrence River, north of Quebec. When Mouellic whipped out his camera he had no idea how close the whale would come, or that his video would go viral.
"We were really lucky," said Mouellic in an interview with CBC. "Within 15 minutes of our departure, we saw porpoises, seals, belugas and several finback whales."
The now famous finback whale from the video is seen in the distance at the beginning - then, just moments later, it emerges right next to the boat showing it's big, distinctive belly before diving beneath them. The entire boat can be heard screaming with excitement, "An unforgettable experience!" Mouellic exclaims in the video, according to CBC.
Finback whales are the second largest animals on the planet, and Patrice Corbeil - director at a Canadian non-profit marine mammal organization - told CBC the giant water mammal probably came to the surface to feed on one of its favorites: krill. "The finback needs to eat one to two tonnes a day". After watching the video, Corbeil estimated this finback to be 18 meters long, and weighing in at 50 tons - no wonder the boat look like a dingy in comparison.
The video is astounding, and the incident itself is just as remarkable. The captain of the boat told CBC he'd never seen anything like it in 15 years. To see the incredible sight for yourself, check out the video below.
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