Swimmer spots a 30,000kg Humpback whale and is captivated by its 'dancing'

A stunning video of a Humpback whale is capturing the hearts of thousands on Facebook. Dr. Chris Brown, a popular American veterinarian and Facebooker, posted the video of the 30,000 kg whale seemingly dancing alongside the swimmers off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.
The video is quite a sight. The swimmers look like minnows in comparison to this female humpbacks gigantic size - yet, the whale moves with grace as she bobs her head in and out of the water, flapping her fins, and turning her head to check out her new-found friends.
Wild About Whales, based out of New South Wales, says May through November is the time to see these magnificent creatures roaming just off their coast. They also note Australia is lucky to have so many of these creatures grace their waters, "According to recent estimates at least 45 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises visit or live permanently in Australia".
This particular region may ring a bell too - because recently an extremely rare white humpback was spotted out off the coast of New South Wales. The Weather Channel reports that many think it's Migaloo - the elusive albino whale - but whether it was her, or another albino whale is unclear.
If you can't afford a flight out to Australia to catch some incredible up close and personal whale sightings, this video might just do the trick in the meantime. You can check it out here below.

This humpback whale almost appears to be dancing with this swimmer off the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. At 30,000kg, she's got the moves. Isn't she incredible?!

Posted by Dr Chris Brown on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

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