Dog fiercely protects against poachers, proving that he's not just man's best friend

He's not just a dog. He's a dog on a mission. Diego is an anti-poaching dog that assists in protecting rhinos in Kenya. He is trained to track and attack individuals who may be taking aim at the endangered animals in the area. Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a group dedicated to protecting rhinos who are illegally hunted for their horns. Since Diego has joined their efforts, they have not lost a rhino to poaching in over a year.
In footage provided by Flauna & Flora International, we have the opportunity to see Diego in action. The training video shows how the canine is able to effectively track and chase the person responsible for poaching. According to Flauna & Flora International, he can reach 40 MPH.
The threat against rhinos is a serious one. According to Flora & Fauna International, both species of rhinos have seen a dramatic fall throughout the years due to illegal poaching. Black rhinos have decreased from around 100,000 in the 1960s to just 5,000 today while white rhinos have dropped much less. However, the northern white rhino is down to only five of it's kind including a solitary male. Dogs like Diego help ensure that the rhino population will thrive and currently, Ol Pejeto has the fasted growing black rhino population in East Africa.
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