Raven won't stop squawking on fence. Humans later realize the emergency

Ravens historically have been cast as literary indicators of peril. With a croaking call and diet of carrion, ravens are even associated with omen and loss in popular culture. However, the following video shows a different sight.
The 2013 video below shows one of the big, black and loud birds in a pretty tight spot of its own. Three painful porcupine quills extend from its face, while another rests in a wing. Luckily for the bird, a good human saves the day.
"I just want to help," the videographer's mother says in the clip as she attempts drawing close enough to remove the quills.
"He's just screaming at you, I don't think he's trying to like, bite you," the daughter says as her mother makes multiple attempts to the screams of the bird.
According to Doctors Foster and Smith, while the sharp, anchored porcupine quills are not poisonous, they can move deeper under the skin if not removed immediately. That situation can cause fatal damage.
However, this lucky raven knew to ask for help, and with a little coaxing received the relief it needed. Astound your friends by passing this amazing interaction along.
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