Black bear gorges on 20 pounds of dog food and conks out on lady's lawn

One very large and likable black bear apparently developed a serious case of the munchies and found himself in a Lake Mary FL residential area where he luckily happened upon a 20-pound bag of dog food, WFTV News reports. He then proceeded to eat his way into a food coma. In the video below, we see the bear stretch out for a long nap in one resident’s back yard, tossing and turning a little, perhaps feeling the effects of overindulging just a little.
For Bob Cross, receiving calls from neighbors complaining of nuisance critters is nothing to write home about, but he hardly expected to hear the news of a black bear slumbering in the middle of the suburbs.
The homeowner reported to Cross that a black bear was sleeping on her lawn, and Cross decided to go have a look for himself. Upon arriving and witnessing the ferocious size of this creature, he decided it was best to just let this guy continue to nap.
Cross decided to snap a few photos of the huge bear and a few photos of the evidence of the critter’s malfeasance - the remainder of a 20 lb. bag of dog food that had been chewed open after the bear dragged it from a nearby garage to the comfort of a spot on the lawn beneath a shady tree, according to WFTV News.
Cross watched as the bear tossed and turned, clearly feeling the effects of his binge. Another neighbor wanted to remove further temptation from the animal’s path, so he removed the leftovers to the garage and locked them up for safekeeping.
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