Drivers stop in their tracks as bear in distress crosses the road. See how they right the wrong

This is the cutest video of a black bear crossing the road with a coffee can stuck on his head. Traffic was stopped instantly in Tok, Alaska, for this cute little guy, as motorists couldn’t believe what they saw. The little bear crossed the road blindly and aimlessly wandered around for over 30 minutes.
Motorists called wildlife officials from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, who came out and tranquilized the little bear and safely removed the can from its head before taking him somewhere safe where he could wake up and be free.
Black bears are a huge part of the ecosystem in the United States. They range across the entire nation, with their heaviest populations being from the Appalachian Mountains and east to the Atlantic Ocean, according to Defenders.
While not usually aggressive, black bears will attack if they feel threatened or if you impede on their territory. As a rule of thumb, it’s probably best to keep some distance between you and any type of bear you may run across. Even with this little 3-year-old bear, it was smart for drivers to keep their distance.
Black bears are naturally curious animals, and they have a knack for getting themselves into trouble because of that curiosity. Whether it was food or fun that drove this little bear’s head into a coffee can, we may never know.
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