Mare and foal gallop together, showing off the majesty of the Arabian horse

If you've ever taken a few moments to just stop and really watch an Arabian horse run through a pasture or prance in a yard, you know how stunning it can be to see them do just what they were born to do. The graceful movements and the textured muscles of their legs, neck and chest are fascinating to watch.
These two beautiful representations of their breed were put up for auction at the Pride of Poland Arabian Horse Gala earlier this month. The popular event had a lower turnout than years past due to some new government regulations, but more than 1,400 people showed up to view these stunning animals.
Sefora, 11, pictured below sold at the auction for 300,000 euros ($350,000) according to the Associated Press.
The Arabian Horse is popular among breeders because of their beautiful features. The distinctive faces, long neck and high tails contributed to their popularity among royals, dating back hundreds of years. Discover noted that these horses were ridden by historical figures like Genghis Khan, Napoleon, George Washington and Alexander the Great.
When watching these stunning specimens, it's not hard to see why they are highly favored. Their beautiful gait is enchanting to watch.

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