Rescue puppy finds best buddy in baby cow saved from veal slaughter

Two separate stories of rescue eventually merged into a beautiful friendship. Baby cow, Bernie and puppy, Sri Ram may look like an odd pair, but they have developed an undeniable bond since arriving at Juliana's Animal Sanctuary in Columbia.
While they both had a bit of a bumpy start to life, since finding each other they love nothing more than to romp and play until they are ready to snuggle in for a nap together. Juliana Castañeda Turner, founder of the animal sanctuary told The Dodo, "Both are just kids. They became friends because the others are old dogs who don't play … [they don't have] the same energy."

I was talking with Ekala our animal caretaker today and he told me that last night he was sleeping and suddenly Bernie...

Posted by Juliana's Animal Sanctuary on Friday, July 1, 2016
Their stories were not always this happy, however. Sri Ram was one of four puppies found whose owner seemed to have very little interest in his safety. One of the pups ended up dying, but Sri Ram was one of three that survived and was transported to the sanctuary. Bernie, a male cow, was unwanted by a dairy farm and the owners turned him over to the sanctuary so he could avoid slaughter. A twist of fate that brought two unlikely friends together.

Sri Ram and Bernie... they only know about love. <3

Posted by Juliana's Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, July 13, 2016
The two can nearly always be found together. And their obvious difference in appearance doesn't seem to weight in too much. Castaneda indicates"Bernie thinks he is a big dog and Sri Ram think Bernie is a big dog." And with that, they are happy to live out their days together.
Bernie and Sri Ram having some fun

These two are just so much in love, they don't know about speciesism. Both were rescued from horrible situations and now enjoy a safe and happy life at our sanctuary. Bernie and Sri Rama are best friends. Please support our new campaign ->> We are the only farm animal sanctuary in the country, which means we are the only shelter for animals raised for food and now we need to move to a new, bigger place so we can continue educating the public and helping more animals. Would you like to be part of our growth? If you donate $10 we will receive $20, thanks to our matching grant! Check out our new and improved campaign and be part of this new exciting chapter. -->

Posted by Juliana's Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, August 7, 2016
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