Watch the cutest grizzly bear cub ever try to fit into a tiny bucket of water

You’ve got to see this video of an adorable baby grizzly cub treated to a cool drink of water from a plastic bucket, filmed by Dennis Crossland. After sampling a few sips, this little guy has other ideas as he decides that playing in the bucket will be much more fun! First, he dips his front legs, then his back legs, before attempting to climb inside the bucket to check out this strange piece of apparatus a little more closely.
According to National Geographic, grizzly bears like the one pictured will start out social, but will become quite solitary creatures as they get older. She's small now, but she'll grow to around 5-8 feet in length and weigh 800 lbs, so she'll be needing a much bigger bucket in the future.
Did you know that when she's older, this cub could run up to 30 miles per hour? She'll also be an exceptional digger, thanks to long claws ranging two to four inches in length, according to Defenders.
Cubs are often curious creatures, and young ones who have not yet developed any protective or aggressive traits look at much of their environment with wonder, often desiring to determine whether a thing may be eaten or used as a source of play.
The young cub featured in the video shows no fear or apprehension of humans yet and seems to delight in the opportunity to play and romp about without a care in the world. Check him out below, and SHARE if you love it!

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