Watch how Olympic gold medalist builds the perfect bond with his horse

Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Mark Todd takes a moment to reflect on what it means to bond with a horse. The New Zealand rider has had his fair share of success. Among his victories include being inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame and being awarded New Zealand's Sportsperson of the year, not to mention his numerous championship title wins.
However, Todd wants the world to understand that there is more to winning than simply training a horse and riding well. He wants people to grasp the necessity for a real relationship with the horse that includes solid trust and a deeper communication.
Todd explains how he feels about connecting with his horse partner as he says, "To be able to have a partnership with a horse and to bring out the absolute best in that horse and when it gets to a level where both are perfect it is pretty amazing."
He indicates that horses are capable animals, but it's more about the relationship with the animal. It's about teaching the horse to believe in not only himself but the rider as well.Todd goes on to say, "You can't just be successful on ability alone. You have to have trust."
Anybody that owns a horse understands the unshakable bond that is often present. Share Todd's moving words.

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