Lion and bear go nose-to-nose, but this wild relationship is anything but ferocious

Lions and tigers and bears may be the subject of Hollywood songs, but prove non-harmonious in the same environment. That is, with the exception of Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger, and Leo the lion. These three adult animals rescued together when young formed an unusual, if incredible, bond.
"They're truly a family," said Jama Hedgecoth of Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. "They've never been separated. We tried twice when they first came in, and they wouldn't eat. They cried all day. So, after about eight or nine hours I said, 'oh, well. They're just babies, let's put them back together."
Noah’s Ark assistant director Diane Smith told The Sun newspaper in March 2016 that to the rescue's knowledge it's the only circumstance where these three distinct and naturally combative species live together. The animal sanctuary took in the three together after they were rescued from an unsuitable environment as illegal pets.
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Resources Animal Planet and The Sun
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