See how rider calms his spooked horse with a simple maneuver

A spooked horse can be frustrating, but also dangerous for a rider or the horse. It's important to understand appropriate responses when a horse is scared so that you can protect yourself and also teach the horse the appropriate way to respond to changes in his environment.
In a video posted by Evention TV, we see a few tricks to calming a nervous horse. The amazing thing is that anybody can use these tips whether you are a new or seasoned rider. Let's discuss them.
The trainer indicates that horses that are spooked can be classified into three categories:
1. It is a young and/or inexperienced horse.
2. There is an unusual change to their regular environment
3. The horse has a learned response to a stimulus.
The trainer goes on to explain proper positioning, attitude, and response when dealing with a spooked horse. As far as your position, you should ease your leg into a strong position slightly pressed in. This helps keep momentum to keep the horse moving forward when something scares him. It is just as critical to remain relaxed and confident during the ride. If you tense up or pull back on the reins, it could intensify the situation. Once the horse successfully moves passed the object, you can then soften your riding position and pat and compliment the animal for successfully staying on course.
There are a few other things to keep in mind when handling a spooked horse. Remember, the horse is entitled to look at the object that scares him. However, any other reaction requires proper training to help avoid similar actions in the future. Also, don't try to spare your horse situations that could frighten him. Instead, change his environment and incorporate as many unusual objects as possible so that he builds up a tolerance for different things in his environment.
All in all, training a horse not to react when he is afraid can be accomplished by the rider remaining calm, confident, and maintaining a proper riding position. Share this information with others.
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