Black bear cubs get warm cuddles while their mother is checked out

Check out this video of researchers and wildlife experts from NY Department of Environmental Conservation and Cornell University examining a mama bear in Lancaster, New York. Serving up the “aww” factor in this heartwarming video are mama’s four adorable cubs, who are experiencing humans, and quite possibly daylight, for the very first time, as the USA Today video below explains.
The cubs hardly seem to object to a little one-on-one time with the experts, as they are held close for warmth, and cuddled maybe just because they are so darned irresistible! All around, it seems to be a positive experience for the babies and those who came to get a more intimate understanding of New York’s black bear population.
The mother bear had recently been fitted with a transmitter collar so researchers could easily locate her to follow up on her general health and well-being, according to USA Today. Once located, the team sedated and examined the mother, and spent some quality time with the cubs, two males and two females, two months of age. A litter of four cubs is a bit unusual, with litters of two and three being the most common. Once researchers completed their check of the mother and an assessment of the cubs, all were safely returned to their den.
As the black bear population in the NY region increases, the interaction between humans and bears is increasing, driving an even greater need to understand these sometimes misunderstood creatures. Researchers want to understand the black bears’ ranges of movement, the types of decisions in habitat selection, population densities and distribution throughout the state. NY DEC observes that all of upstate NY seems to be turning into bear habitat, leading to bears arriving in areas where they’re not normally seen.
However, experts caution that if a bear is sighted, it is best to assume it has been attracted by something such as a bird feeder or open garbage can and that the bear is likely just passing through. NY DEC recommends that if you spot a bear, you make a lot of noise, wave your hands and bang garbage can tops together, as there is a 90% chance the bear will seek to avoid potential conflict and flee in the other direction. The NY DEC further recommends removing items, such as open garbage cans, which may attract bears to residential areas where they can be endangered by traffic and humans fearful and misunderstanding of their typically non-aggressive nature.
Check out the video of these adorable cubs below, and SHARE if you love cuddly baby bears!
Resources The Tennessean and USA Today

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