Golfers film a black bear cub stealing something unexpected from their cart

“Hey, guys! Can I play too?”
That might have been what a little bear cub in this video was thinking when he surprised several golfers recently. We don’t know where the cub came from, or why he took such a keen interest in golf, but what we do see is the cub within putting distance of Adam Baxter and company one sunny day on Moose Run Golf Course in Fort Richardson, Alaska. Baxter is the man behind the camera calmly but firmly trying to shoo the furry critter off, to no avail.
Soon the bear cub switches its attention to the golfers' rides. Despite the golfer’s stern objections, the cub inspects the golf carts like a police officer searching a suspect's vehicle. When the curious cub doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary, it helps itself to a bit of beer sitting in the golf cart.
“Hey, that’s my beer!” one of the golfers exclaims. “You little alcoholic!” he adds when the cub takes a swig out of a different cup of beer in the second golf cart.
The video ends soon afterwards, and the golfers will always have the golfing story to one-up their buddies at the 19th hole. However, this close encounter could have ended much differently. According to KTUU Channel 2, the cub’s mother was waiting around the next hole.

Just another hazard on the golf course!

Posted by Adam Baxter on Sunday, June 12, 2016
This underage misfit is going to have a hard time explaining the beer on its breath to mom.

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