Watch an adorable baby bear playing with a hammock and try not to melt

The great outdoors calls to us all on occasion, as we feel compelled to feel the sunshine on our face, the green grass beneath our foot, and reconnect with the great outdoors. A lazy summer afternoon reading or napping in a hammock is often just the salve a weary soul requires.
Apparently, an adorable baby bear also found the temptation of an afternoon lounging in a hammock irresistible, and as we see in this video by Chris Hubble, he’s quite challenged to master the art of climbing and remaining aboard this inhospitable nook. He is at first successful in his quest for a comfortable spot, but as the hammock begins to sway, our little guy quickly finds himself back on the ground, trying again and again to find just the perfect spot for a nap. Chilling out is hard work!
According to Humane Society, as bear populations have increased and food supplies become scarce in some areas, it is more tempting for bears to wander into residential areas and human’s yards in search of something to satisfy their appetite. The young bear featured in the video may have been drawn to this back yard for just such a reason. While many people enjoy the occasional bear sighting, residential areas pose a potential hazard for bears who don’t understand traffic and other dangers. Bears typically try to avoid humans; however, open garbage containers, pet food, and barbecue grills may attract them. It is in the best interest of bears that no food source be left available to them in residential areas, as they will repeatedly return to the source. The problem is that this may create a potential annoyance for residents which often leads to involvement from authorities who will use means up to and including lethal actions, if necessary, to prevent the bear’s return.
If you find a bear in a residential area, they may be easily frightened away by loud banging. Once they’re gone, remove any potential food source to discourage their return and ensure both you and the bear remain safe.