Teen boy stands behind massive lion, but this big cat isn't exactly ferocious

Many sons follow in their father's footsteps. But 18-year-old Shandor Larenty's father Alex walks beside lions. It's a task the younger Larenty appears to have a talent for as well. Shandor and a 550 pound (250 kg) lion named Zavu became tight friends, with the cat expressing trust in the boy.
"About seven years ago, I started coming with my Dad to work, and it kind of took off from there," the younger Larenty says. "I've grown up doing it. It's something I'm used to. It's something I love doing. The trust that they put in you to actually be able to do the stuff you do with them is actually amazing."
Today, Shandor and Zavu interact in a playful and respectful way. Shandor openly admits that you must appreciate the power of the large animals as well as the dangerous weapons of their sharp teeth and a powerful jaw.
"I do fear for his safety some times," said the elder Larenty. "But then, that's what I'm there for just to correct it, to say, 'Hey son, don't do that because that's one of the things we just be careful of.' There are things that I see that he doesn't see."
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