Man cradles head of massive lion, fulfilling big cat fantasy most of us dream of

Kevin Richardson, coined The Lion Whisperer showcases in a short clip just how personal his interaction is with wild cats. Many people are amazed that this man can actually coexist with these large predators, but it appears that there is a bond unlike any other.
As he strolls down a path with the big cats, he pets and plays with them as he would a house cat. People on the outside may have a difficult time understanding how this can happen, but the cats seem to have accepted Richardson as one of their own.
He talks about the cats as if they are his friends. Richardson explains how the cats came together. The male lion, Vayetsi, was grieving the loss of his brother before Livy and Ginny helped bring him out of his shell. They have been together since.
Smithsonian explains that Richardson has had an interest in lions from a young age. He recounts first seeing a lion caged in a zoo when he was a small child and immediately being drawn to the animal and wondering how the king of the jungle found himself in captivity. From there, his interest grew and Richardson had dedicated his life to understanding lions and protecting them from canned hunts and other threats.
He doesn't want to keep his interest for himself; he wants the world to learn more about these amazing lions. Richardson said, "If I didn’t utilize my relationship with the lions to better the situation of all lions, it would just be self-indulgent." He believes education is key in making a difference for the future of these animals and others like them.
You'll want to see for yourself the amazing interaction between man and lion. Check out the video and share with your friends.

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