Watch a bear's adorable escape after being caught stealing from a bird feeder

Ruh-roh! This big furry fellow was caught in the act of nabbing birdseed from the hummingbird feeder of an unsuspecting homeowner and while he was clearly enjoying the ill-gotten spoils, a jiggle of a door handle alerted the black bear that the jig was up.
This hungry bear made himself comfortable laying across the railing of the homeowner’s deck while he enjoyed the sweet treat with hardly a care in the world. However, the North Carolina neighbor clearly wasn’t going to enable this bear’s crime spree and alerted the bear to their presence. With that, the bear skulks guiltily across the railing before climbing down from the deck for a clean getaway.
The black bear is the only species of bear found in North Carolina or any part of the Eastern US. According to the North Carolina Wildlife Management Division, the bear population in this region was once threatened, but thanks to successful wildlife management techniques, the bear has made a successful comeback.
Bears in this region typically are more at home in lowlands hardwoods, swamps, and pocosins, as these types of habitats lend well to providing travel corridors, good cover, and a natural food supply that includes acorns, berries, carrion, grasses, honey, insects, nuts, roots and more.
As bears become more populous, it is not unusual to see them in residential areas, where they may be drawn to food sources such as open garbage cans, pet food, or bird food. They are generally not aggressive and will seek to avoid interactions with humans whenever possible. A loud banging sound, clapping, or similar sounds easily send them on their way.
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