Breathtaking footage captures moment lioness leaps directly at man in water

Warning: This video includes adult language.
Kevin Richardson is a world-renowned conservationist who is known for his work with lions and other large cat breeds. The "Lion Whisperer" has definitely had his share of amazing encounters with these remarkable creatures, but people may think he is in over his head in this clip posted by GoPro.
The video starts with Richardson explaining that even lions in captivity have innate behaviors, such as creating a pride and hunting together. However, when Richardson decides he wants to go for a swim, everybody holds their breath when he calls the lioness in with him.
For a split second, the shot is still frame, and it appears that the large cat is going to take him under water, but that's the furthest thing from what actually happened. Instead, the lioness playfully lunges and then licks Richardson. Amazing!
Richardson expresses his amazement at how much the animal trusted him and how his connection with them is so incredibly strong. He said, "It's like humans. You can meet many, many people in your life, but there's very few that you actually connected wholeheartedly with."
Richardson's desire to help lions runs especially deep. Canned hunting is a threat to these animals as many people seek to hunt and kill large animals for the thrill and for trophies. Richardson is determined to bring awareness to this issue.
According to Daily Mail, Richardson and a few of his lions became the focus for a new Mercedes-Benz campaign. While the powerful images will likely help sell cars, the message is much stronger than that. It's about awareness. The goal of the campaign was to capture a single image that would convey the ongoing message of conservation: "What legacy will we leave for our future generations?" The hope is that by continuing this discussion, more animal species can be understood and protected for years to come.
Check out the clip of the amazing moment when the lioness trusts Richardson enough to leap into his arms in the water. You'll be blown away!
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