Lion looks squarely into camera and lets out chill-inducing sound

Are you talking to me? This male lion captured on footage by Natural History Media seems to make eye contact with the camera before letting out a series of roars. According to the video caption, a lion's roar can be heard as far as 5 miles (8 km).
According to the website Cat Time, a roar is all you'll get from a lion. Unlike house cats, lions can't purr. "Scientists have a few ideas on why there’s such a divide between the two, and the theories are based on a small bone found near the vocal cords," the site says. "In fact, because of this difference, cats that purr can never roar, no matter how hard they try."
Cat Time also reports that only four species of cats can roar: lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. The difference comes down to their hyoid bone, found near the larynx. These bones remain flexible on these big cats, making it possible for them to create the big, deep roars we associate with them.
The site also notes that these big cats carry some volume with those roars. Their roars can reach as loud as 114 decibels. According to H.E.A.R., humans feel pain at sounds 125 decibels and greater, so that's a pretty attention-grabbing sound.
Pass along this beautiful-to-see-and-hear video to other lion lovers that you know.

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