Lion tries to cross the river, until this terrifying creature emerges from underwater

Kruger Sightings captured a rare moment that showcases that even lions are scared from time to time. Just as the lion starts to swim across the water, a crocodile starts to follow. A few moments of suspense build before the crocodile leaps on the lion and drags him underwater. However, the lion quickly emerges and quickly leaps from the water. Incredible!
According to Karell Africa, crocodile vs. lion encounters are not rare. While lions can grow to be 6 ft. long and over 400 lbs., crocodiles can be 16 ft. long and upwards of 500 lbs. The size comparison proves that the crocodile is more than capable of killing or seriously injuring a lion.
It's even more amazing to see that one of the most powerful land animals in the world are reduced to scaredy cats when they see a crocodile. Photographer Marna Van der Walt was able to capture an encounter where a male lion was terrified when he noticed a crocodile in the water. The images prove that the fear is real, and even the king of the jungle has a predator.
Check out the clip to see for yourself to see how this lion narrowly escapes a crocodile attack. Share this amazing footage with your friends!

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