Tourists stop by a huge brown bear. Watch why his funny response has them ecstatic

These two enthusiastic travelers were quite excited to be greeted by a rather large Kodiak bear in Sequim, Washington. The adorable ball of fluff seems quite enthralled by his visitors in return, repeatedly greeting them with the type of enthusiastic wave Miss America would be proud of, much to their delight.
Kodiaks are the biggest of the brown bears, and in the US, these bears are found largely in Alaska and smaller numbers in the Northwestern region, including Washington state. It is estimated there are still 3,500 Kodiak bears in this region today.
An adult male Kodiak bear typically measures 10 feet tall when standing. Their weight averages 1,000-1,200 pounds. Females tend to be about 20% smaller and 30% lighter than their male counterparts. The average lifespan is 20-25 years, according to Bears of the World.
Kodiaks are omnivores and typically feed on vegetation, seeds, berries, seaweed, insects, and carrion. Starting in May, these bears love to feast on the fresh salmon that runs in streams through October. While they are solitary creatures by nature, they will eat in large groups where food is plentiful.
A female Kodiak typically does not bear offspring till around 9 years of age. Their mating season is in May and June, and cubs are usually born during hibernation in January or February.
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