You need to watch the most huggable bear cub ever fighting not to fall asleep

The most adorable Malaysian bear cub in the world is doing the most adorable thing ever. Any parent will tell you that when a baby fights sleep and is fighting a losing battle, it is priceless.
This bear cub is no exception. Watch him as he tries really hard to stay awake and just cannot seem to win. The little head nods off over and over again, but this little bear is not giving up. Someone should tell him it is a battle he simply cannot win.
The Malayan Sun Bear is native to the rain forests all over the Southeast Asian Peninsula. It is an endangered species, with the greatest remaining population believed to be in the country of Laos, where the rough terrain, lack of people and tons of trees help it to stay out of reach of human poachers. Sadly, out of all of the bears you can find in the entire world, the Malayan Sun Bear is the one we know the least about because of how rare they are.
Malayan Sun Bears are only about ½ the size of an American Black Bear, making them about 4-5 feet tall and weighing anywhere from 60 to 145 pounds as adults, according to Bears of the World.
They are definitely one of the smaller bears on the planet and they are adorable to see. They are recognizable immediately by the bright orange colored ‘U’ shaped marking right under their necks.
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