Enamored horse can't get enough of mini stallion, but watch when the rest of the herd comes

Pippin may be a miniature stallion, but he definitely has enough love to go around! Pringle Poirot posted a video that perfectly captures the sweet nature of this minihorse and the reaction he gets from horses three times his size. This will definitely be the sweetest thing you'll see all day.
The clip starts with Pippin clicking down a road like there's somewhere he needs to be. It doesn't take long for viewers to realize that he's headed straight for a field of horses. First, a large white horse approaches Pippin and nuzzles him through the fence before lifting her head over it to get even more access. However, it's not just this horse that loves Pippin; as the herd moves in closer, it's apparent that Pippin is a favorite of all of them!
Miniature horses were officially organized as a breed when the American Miniature Horse Association was formed in 1978, but miniatures have been around long before that. They were used in the small tunnels of coal mines in the 1950s, and they have been favorite pets of royalty around the world. According to The Miniature Horse, this particular breed is much more relaxed on variations in coat and color. While other breeds are stricter when it comes to coat color, the world of miniature horses welcomes as many differences in color and texture as possible.
In another clip posted by Pringle Poirot, you can clearly see the differences in color that Pippin goes through during haircuts and changes in season. While other breeds may reject a horse whose coat changes, when it comes to miniatures, it's just another charming feature.
To see Pippin's love story for yourself, check out the clip below. Of course, they love him —look at how cute he is!